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Find what your looking for, not what your targeted to find.Tm

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IN 2000 I Launched over 367 new 3dtvchannels for SBS 3D sterio and regular 3D uhf vhf tv but was "Cul0d0sacked" , i purchased 2 servers and ore paid a down payment for hosting and buying the tld suffix "3D" in 2000 i spent on converting 2d BBrd systems for voice mail and messaging into touch tone order entry 3D and TV websites and launched 3dvtv.com a 3DVirtualTV.com and Vietual3DTV.com net org webcasting magazine with hundreds of pages , I gave away over 80 free socil nets for everthing from cars to photography and i was shut off , my web traffic was rerouted to advertisng for an entire year cyber squatters took all the traffic for the domains and then they took the free giviaway social bet website tlds and scalped then , all this time uhf vhf 2d tv would not even report 1 single hacked or stolen 3dcopyrighttv.com launched and today thwer is no way to use the crtc to launch a new 3DVirtualtv.com or any 3dtvsportschannel.com on aa closed market that cyber squats, 2dtvwill support UBER and taxi news but gag100% of 3DTV web startups in Vancouver for 17 years unlike tv Taxi drivers have no 2d tv coup to protect thier monoplies and pretending to be nutral the 2d tv fix the markets like it was a sport on steroids.chat-news-politic is replaced by chat-news-politics-search-engine resultas and search engines sell more ads on your tld than you do and to your competition and so a 4 pillar 2d tv coup replaces n old uhf vhf system and they gag 17 years competiton unlike taxie drivers who can't ,

The internet today is so so divided in many parts that one half is like a "Jerry Springer" TV script where the entire social net's half ready to throw chairs and tattel tale who's dna proves the real father or social nets are used to trash a government or service terrorists and the other half of the www is used for university or proffesional businesses and small business stores thatg can nbot participate in 2d tv sociall nets cash flows for advertising as one half funds the chair throwers and all the money make from advertising on all my websites when to some one elase who gets to advertise on my tlds ahile they are "stuck on dirt roads" and ther cyber squatting industries have now evolved int advertising platfforms that track your every phone call and online query , yet , ther is not one Politicins running for elections anywhere who wwill mention 17 years of 2d tv gagging 3dca.com and 3dtvchannel.com or 3dsportschannel as the world is devided into 2 groups one that uses the "viral" social nets and the other that is stuck , without a crtc to do busiens on and tracked by their every tweet.
There is no way to participate in poarticip[action ads on a www.3DWorldWideWebTV.com that is gagged for 17 years so as to have a 2-d coup and use the socil net for trolling and cybersquatting as the www was suposed to be fun, and we were suposed to integrate withthe crtc monoplies and get fiber optic seftrvice sheepo wireless phones and provacy so as to generate prosperity all we get is cyuber squatted on and gagged by 2dtvcoups , so how dop you launch a new 3ddronerealty.com or 3dtvdrones.com on a 3dvirtualtv.com channel gaged by all the tech compnaies in socil nets in Kitchner-Waterloo-to Victoria BC and how do you use a 2d cbc to report a "bleading heart " virus or a 2d medias that are focused on one half of the www only and that half is based on " he said, she said , so i say' bully the weakest off the platform ethics , when the real world has still yet to be able to participate ina participaction ads in 2DVirtualTV.com apps that are now ggaed byu 100% of the 2d tv medias and all the gazaboes they use for everthing from politics to startups, the only thing one can do i wait for 17 years of nessary for the 2d medias to join the rest of the world and put thier chairs down even though the action is sensational iot does not sereve a global purpose and since 2000 ther is no change the same same saem 2d tv and cyber squatting is able to steal all yoru traffic and run wwlwction ads or 2d socil net apps whiel the rest of the qeb goes unservesd by the stock markets. www.3DBusinessTV.com , half the world wide web users can't use social nets for their web fun and busienss and i can't even get 1 politicians from any political psrty to say it in 3d on 3d over 3d for 23d , even netflix Canada is 2d and unable to use the US versions 3dmovies featurs because for some reason 3dtvmovies.com is gagwed here for 17 years too, proving the world is devided into 2 halfs at least 2 , one thjat throws chairs and gagges 3dtvchannels.com and the other that i pay millions to for 17 years of www software and cloud-hosting that is still stuck on dirt road crtc service at the most espencive rents ) nat realy rates) wile my dns is changes or rerouted m hacked or the tlds are stolen and ther is no way to use the socil net haalf to talk about it and the other half thet i pay money toop are all ther is so far , no change from y2k.

his has got to be a good thing for the rest of the world , because as the entire 2d crtc handfull of news sports arts business fashion travel realestate movie and political tv industry is able to gag 100% of 100% of all the 3DWWWTV.com net oprg startups here in Vancouver Canada the rest of the world gets to grow and prosper and makrket and make and sell , fesigine and create in 3D on 3D while a small handfull fo people (Canadians) are gagged from 3dtvjobs.com apps for 3dwirlesstv.com shows on cable and over the airs soas to creatre a market every where else in the world and this is part of "tweeking" the world by 2d for 2d in2d so as to have no election money able to support participaction in 3D on single 3DTVCAnada.com startup and by 2d tv news sports and politics and chats here they cand over come the constitutional rights to work and make a living free of disctimination by a 2d tv govenor and 2d tv monoply that discriminates 100% of the time 100% of the 3DTVCHannels.com and makes no mistake to see to it that 17 years ther is no way 3DTVSports.com or 3DVirtualTV.com and launch a 3DLiveTV.net and this prove ther is a split world where one small group of canadians can be gaged ibn 2d for 2d by 2d tv newses for 17 years so as to allow 2d shannagins and prosperity for other 3D manufacturers and busineses online same same same as 2d tv in 2000 was tweeked so as to let uhf vhf go online and them selves be tweeked by converged advertising in each participating globalistion effort in each 2d tv that gages 3DTVStartups.com net orgs in their countryo=is like it was a world cup fix same same as usual, ( even netflix usa list 3d movies adn netflix cananda does not ( you need an ip so as to not be a global website but a cyber squatter on Canadian users , duhh!) to market 3d movies onl;ine and prove there part in tweeking the www so as it can cyber squatt in 2d on2d too. www.3dtvtoo.com www.3DPresident.com of www.3DCounty.com and www.the3DCHannel.com TM 2000 8:22 AM 2016-04-27